Understanding Virtual Sports

Virtual Sports is a range of scheduled fixed odds games (occasions ) that utilize a random number generator (RNG) to pick on the result. All clients see the very same schedules and the exact outcomes. Each of the occasions times presented from the movie feed are UTC times. The time displayed in the Events Scheduler is user favored moment. Depending on your Internet connection there’s the chance that the video flow may seem with a delay. This is deemed normal and acceptable behavior. For all costs presented in the movie streams the Fractional screen is utilized.
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The results can’t be affected at all.

After the event has finished, the results are printed and any bets on this occasion are settled. Results for previous 3 weeks can be found in the Results Centre and could be searched for.

Any winnings will be credited to the client’s account. Details of a client’s bets are offered at”My Bets”.

We will be voiding all client stakes and return capital to client account in case of a technical issue with the Virtual Sports.

There’s absolutely no Tricast gambling accessible for Virtual Speedway racing.

Virtual Sports will include of the following goods:

Single Race

Assessing: The Virtual Events for every game will occur every 3 minutes; For Tennis the occasions will happen every four minutes. 


Forecast Betting

A”straight forecast” is a wager in which you name two choices to include 1st and 2nd in the correct sequence for a predetermined event.

A”reversed forecast” is if you name two choices to finish 1st and 2nd in any order for a particular event.

A”combination forecast” is if you select three or more collections within an event, together with some of them to finish 1st and 2nd in the race.

Straight, reversed and mix forecasts are available on greyhound races or more entrances run in any 1 race.

Forecast stakes are settled in line with the business Forecast Dividend, except where mentioned below:

If a Straight Forecast is approved for a race at which no dividend announced, the bet will be settled as a win single on the initial choice said.

Tricast Betting

A tricast is a wager in which you name the choices to finish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at the right sequence for a certain race. All of tricast bets are settled in light of the proper industry volatility except where mentioned below.

Greyhound Racing tricast bets are accepted on all races supplied 5 or more collections run.

If a tricast wager is approved in which less than 4 runners get involved in the race, then it is going to be settled as a Straight Forecast about the collections chosen to complete 1st and 2nd, together with the choice chosen to complete 3rd ignored.

If a Tricast was approved for a race at which no dividend is announced, it is going to be settled as a Straight Forecast about the selections chosen to complete 1st and 2nd. The 3rd is dismissed for settlement functions. If the wager is a Combination Tricast, each Tricast inside that Combination will be settled as a Straight Forecast together with the 3rd choice ignored for settlement functions.

First choose the game and the occasion which you would like to wager . Whenever you’ve selected, click the purchase price and your choice will then automatically appear on your betslip.

Enter the quantity you wish to bet in the box and your potential winnings will look.

To put the wager click ‘Place Bets’.

Simply select your choices as you want one, and also the betslip will produce your multiple. Then select your wager kind – double, treble, Trixie and so on – then put in your bet amount. Your prospective winnings will look.

If you’re delighted with your choice then click ‘Place Bets’.

While you’ve got a Sportsbook choice added from the betslip, you cannot add Virtuals choices in precisely the exact same betslip. The concept”Virtual bets and sports bets cannot be combined in the same betslip. Will be exhibited, together with the 2 choices available:”Clear betslip and add Virtual bet” or”Keep current Sports bets”


In some circumstances the message’Betslip contains some related selections. Only unrelated multiples can be placed’ will look. This usually means you have a bet chosen as a singles that isn’t readily available for mix, or have chosen one or singles choices that have associated contingencies. In this situation you would have to eliminate at least one of those highlighted selections in your betslip from deselecting.

You will be shown a possible yield (that will include your bet ) against each single, for multiples, we reveal the possible yield against the largest accumulator.

Cash Out is unavailable for Virtual Sports stakes.

The Results Centre could be obtained from the Virtual Sports pages after the”Show more results” link in the Latest Results panel. The consumers can look for events’ results from the last 90 days for each Virtual Sport.

If you wish to exclude yourself from Virtual Sports, you need to enable the check box”for a minimum interval of 6 weeks” and enter your password before confirming with”OK”.

If you’d like your account reactivated after a period of temporary self exclusion, you’ll need to get in touch with our Customer Service by either phone or chat.

Our team will then be able to review your account whilst you are present on the contact.

Virtual Sports Exclusion applies to the Virtual Sports from our Sportsbook product. It does not include Virtual Sports under the Casino tab. Please note Self Exclusion for Virtual Sports in Casino can be done by selecting the Casino & Virtual Sports self-exclusion option within the “Player Protection” area of My Account.

If you are considering Virtual Sports Exclusion, please remember to contact all gambling companies with whom you have accounts and ask to self-exclude with them too. We also recommend that you consider the installation of software that will allow you to block access to internet gambling websites.

For more information please visit our Responsible Gambling section or contact Customer Service.


Virtual Sports Loss Limits cover net losses (taking winnings into account) over a rolling period.

Your Virtual Sports Loss Limits come into effect from the moment they are set. Your net loss/win is calculated over the length of time you choose (1, 7, 30 or 365 days) looking back from the moment of placing a bet to 00:00am (GMT) on the day that starts the loss limit period (1, 7, 30 or 365 days ago, according to your choice).

You can set Virtual Sports Loss Limits by following the below:

– Go to ‘My Account’ –> ‘Player Protection’ –> choose ‘Virtual Sports’ –> Select the period of the limit (frequency) and amount and confirm your password –> Press ‘Set Loss Limits’.

If you create your Virtual Sports Loss Limit less prohibitive, the shift will come into effect seven days after, e.g. #70 ($70) per 7 times is much more prohibitive than #20 ($20) per day. Should you make it even more restrictive the shift is used immediately.

Virtual Sports Loss Limits just pay losses over the Virtual Sports. But when you also have put Main Loss Limits then these are also applied to some Virtual Sports gambling.


If you have a 7 day Virtual Sports Loss Limit and put a wager at 11:30am GMT on Tuesday 14th November afterward the test from the loss limits will be left on your internet loss/win involving 00.00am GMT on Tuesday 7th November (midnight Monday 6th November) and also the timing of placing the wager.

If you needed a Virtual Sports Loss Limit of 500 ($500) per day and attempted putting a wager at 3:00pm GMT on Thursday the 9th November a test could be made from the internet win/loss because 00.00am GMT on Wednesday 8th November (midnight Tuesday 7th November) and also the period of bet positioning.